Monday, May 2, 2016

Temptation as a Teen

As you begin to get older you start to hear the same talk over and over again. Whether it's in school, with your parents, or even with your friends. The talk about drugs and alcohol. Whenever i heard this talk i let it fly right over my head because i knew i was a good person, i had good friends, and i was from a good family, so naturally i didn't think i would have been exposed to anything like that. Well one night i was invited to go to a bonfire by a senior. I'm a freshman, so when a senior asks you to go to a bonfire with them, this was exciting of course i said i wanted to go. We got there and along with him were other seniors and sophomores, all of them i knew and i trusted. So the fire is burning bright and we're all laughing, things are going great! Well, that's when one of the sophomores pulls out moonshine. They pass it in a circle until i find the jar in front of me. I knew if i took it, it would make my grandmother roll over in her grave, so i passed it on to the guy who brought me. To my surprise, he passed it along to without taking any. As he was taking me back home he told me that all of them were idiots, referring to the moonshine. When he said that it had never made me more proud of my decision.

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