Sunday, May 1, 2016

Feeling Trapped

Imagine waking up one morning, your sweating because you can't bear the heat. 105.9. Red, itchy, burning spots cover you from head to toe. As you stand you find it hard, your legs are weak and in incredible aching pain.Now imagine being told that you have a rare disease. A fatal disease that you're gonna have for the rest of your life. And being told that now, for every month, you have to receive a $70,000 shot to keep you from being anything but normal.
Trapped is defined as being held tightly by something so that it cannot move or be freed. When i was diagnosed that's exactly how i would describe i felt. I didn't know if i would be able to do things everyone else does. I didn't know if i could still be as active as i wanted to be. But mostly, I didn't know if people would still look at me the same if i told them i had a disease. To me "disease" meant different, or broken. I didn't want to be either. The uncertainty of everything made me feel trapped, unable to move, to progress in life. But, like any trap, metaphorical or literal, you either lay there and die, or find a way out.

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  1. You are so strong....and your positive attitude, I think, will make a difference in your fight against the disease.